“I should’ve had you raised by men, not women. Surrounded by women has made you weak.” My dad, at some point sometime somewhere in the past, said these very words to me. He probably wouldn’t even remember having said any of it if I confronted him now. It’s just a distant memory that has no […]


Ode to Faded Friendships

It doesn’t matter how movies perpetuate the idea of friendship to me. On the screens, they tell you that every relationship can fall apart, but not friendship. It is the one thing that lasts. No matter what, a friend will always be by your side to get you through whatever may come, from the very […]

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But in Some Souls

In every soul, there’s a hunger to be satisfied the kind that receives only what is given. In every soul, there’s a hunger to start a rebellion to relinquish every control and submit to an abstraction. In every soul, there’s a hunger to let go for at times, staying means hurting. But in some souls, […]

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EP1 by fka twigs

Most people would’ve probably given up. Tahliah Debrett Barnett, or fka twigs, as she calls herself these days, seems to not have the phrase in her dictionary. After spending years as backing vocalist and dancer for household names, the likes of Ed Sheeran and Jessie J, she didn’t let herself (and her future fans) down […]

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